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There are really only a few rat killer products on the market today to choose from.

The most popular rat killer products are rat poison, glue boards, snap traps, and the rat zapper.

They all work differently and vary in their effectiveness. There’s really only one rat killer that works consistently, but I’ll get to that after discussing the other rat killer offers.

First off, if you are looking for the most effective rat killer or rodent killer, then most likely you have a real rat problem or rat infestation at your home.

But one important part of getting rid of rats, which is often overlooked, is to prevent any additional rats from getting inside your home.

So it is important to inspect the outside of your home for places that rats are able to get in.

Check underneath your home, the sides, the crawl space, and also the eaves underneath your roof. Do a thorough inspection for anywhere that a rat can possibly get in and seal off with a steel mesh or board up.

Remember rats can squeeze through tight spaces, so thoroughly check everywhere. This way, rats that are killed inside your home by your chosen rat killer won’t be replaced with others from the outside.

One of the rat killer products available on the market today is rat poison.

It is not recommended because its effectiveness varies. Not all rats will take the bait and eat it. And all the rats that eat it won’t necessarily die from it.

Some rats have become resistant to this rat killer method. But the worst part of using rat poison is that when it kills rats that live in your attic or walls, the rats die in your attic or walls. This means the dead rats remain in your attic or walls, and can’t be removed, and smell horrible as their bodies decompose.

Another of the rat killer products are glue boards.

They are somewhat effective.

The rat steps onto the board and is stuck to the glue. This rat killer method is considered somewhat inhumane since the rat gets stuck and then starves to death. There are cases where the rat has chewed its feet off to escape or may work its way out of the glue.

Snap traps are a rat killer method that have been around for years.

They can be effective but are not recommended if you have small kids or indoor pets and can be somewhat messy. They are just like the old mouse traps that use a spring loaded bar to clamp down when the bait is taken, but bigger for rats. It either severely injures, kills, or traps the rat. Peanut butter tends to be the best bait for these traps.

Out of all the rat killer products, the rat killer that we recommend is the rat zapper.

Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper Rat Trap

This rat killer is simple and humane since it uses an electric shock to kill the rat instantly.

It works like the snap trap, but it’s cleaner, and you don’t have to touch the dead rats.

To use the rat zapper, bait it with peanut butter, and spread some peanut butter on the entrance also. The rat is lured into a chamber inside and is zapped with a death blow shock, killing it instantly.

There’s a blinking light that goes off when this rat killer has killed a rat and it needs to be emptied.

Simply pour the dead rat out to dispose of.

There are 3 rat zappers to choose from.

Rat Zapper Classic RZ001

Rat Zapper Classic – It’s the smallest of the 3 and can kill 20 mice or rats per set of 4 “AA” batteries or a year in standby mode.  It uses a humane 8,000 volt shock.


Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap RZU001

Rat Zapper Ultra – It’s larger than the Rat Zapper Classic and can kill 60 mice or rats per set of 4 “D” batteries or 2 years in standby mode.  It also uses a human 8,000 volt shock.

Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper Rat Trap1

Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper Rat Trap – It uses an infrared detecting system to sense when a mouse or rat has entered the trap combined with a high tech delivery system that uses stainless steel kill pads.  With this combination it offers a 100% humane kill rate.  It can kill 50 mice or rats per set of 4 “D” batteries or 1 year in standby mode.

This rat killer method is also a reliable mice killer and is easy to use, effective, and works great for repeated use.

Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper Rat Trap

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I’ll like to buy rat zapper and other electric killer device for the Regional Office where I work.Will be happy to be supplied with the information of how to go about placing an order

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